Conservation Alliance

An Alliance of Hunting, Fishing, and Sportsman's Clubs in Fond du Lac County

Winnebago Conservation Club - Oshkosh

Club Officers

President: Mict Schafer                                    Phone: 920-231-3142

Email:                            Cell: 920-397-7260   

V. President: George Burchert                       Phone: 920-688-3122


Secretary: Cheryl Sawitske                              Phone: 920-231-3749


Treasurer: Wendy Schafer                              Phone: 920-231-3142

Alliance Delegate: George Burchert

Meeting and Membership Information

Club Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1365  Oshkosh, Wi. 54903 

Meeting Location: 1372 Wupoo St. Oshkosh, Wi. 

Contact Person: Mict Schafer            Phone: 920-231-3142

Email:               Cell: 920-379-7260


Meeting Date: 2nd Monday of the Mouth

Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Annual Membership Fee: $25.00

Open to New Members: Yes

Approximate Number of Member: 22

Year Founded: 1936

Description of Club and Activities

The raises around 1200 pheasant every year which are given to the club members in good

standing to release. They also send 4 to 6 students to Conservation Camp for a week, and 

provide a scholarship to a student UW-Steven Point every year. In addition, they give a $500 scholarship to a graduating high school going the conservation field. The Club also

works with the Oshkosh West High School Wood and Water Program.