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An Alliance of Hunting, Fishing, and Sportsman's Clubs in Fond du Lac County

Legislative Information

Wisconsin Conservation Congress Delegates - Fond du Lac County

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is the only advisory body in the state where citizens elect delegates to represent their interests in natural resources, both local and statewide, by working with the Natural Resources Board and the Department of Natural Resources to manage our natural resources.  Fond du Lac County citizens,  clubs, and organizations can work with their local delegates to identify concerns they have regarding hunting, fishing, and other conservation issues.  If you have concerns and would like to initiate a resolution to be presented at the Spring Conservation Hearings you can contact any of the delegates listed below.  To find out more about the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, just Google "Wisconsin Conservation Congress" to go to their website  The 2018 WCC Spring Hearing will be held on Monday, April 9, 2018.

Otto Bowe                  Mt. Calvary                920-922-6660    (Chairperson)

Mike Arrowood       Oakfield                      920-922-0905     (Vice Chair)

Bob Haase                 Eldorado                     920-922-8003

James Kramer         Fond du Lac               920-921-5778    

Dave LaPine              Fond du Lac               920-579-5932

Pending Legislation

Pending Bills and other legislative information concerning hunting, fishing, and conservation will be listed here. 

Recently Approved Legislation

Recently approved legislation concerning hunting, fishing, and conservation will be listed here.