Conservation Alliance

An Alliance of Hunting, Fishing, and Sportsman's Clubs in Fond du Lac County

Central Wisconsin Chapter Trout Unlimited

The Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited is part of a National Organization that has as it's mission "To conserve, protect, and restore North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds". TU accomplishes this mission on a national, state, and local level through it's dedicated staff and network of volunteers.  CWTU is one of approximately 500 chapters nationwide that are actively involved in various conservation issues aimed at protecting our environment and natural resources. CWTU is located in the central sands area of Wisconsin and covers the counties of Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette, Washara, and Winnebago.  We currently have around 300 members and are always looking for new members that believe in our mission of protecting our cold water resources.  Most of our members fish, but many joint to help out with our stream restoration projects, water monitoring, or other activities.  It is also an opportunity to meet new friends and have some fun doing worthwhile projects and activities.  We also believe in getting our youth involved in these activities and encourage parents to bring their children and get them involved.
If you would like to find out more about CWTU please check out our website at  

Meeting Information

Mailing Address: Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited,P.O. Box 3041,
                                   Oshkosh, WI 54903-3041

Meeting Location: Fin N Feather Restaurant, Winneconne, WI

Meeting Dates: Usually the second Tuesday of the month, but check the CWTU website for correct dates, times, and program information.

Meeting Time: Board Meeting 6:15pm, Program 7:15pm

Club Officers and Board Members


President: Laura Tucker,  920-622-5401
V. President: Stan Cichowski, 708-362-9001
Secretary:  Jeff Wegand, 920-290-4522
Treasurer: Joe Peikert, 920-779-5270
Past President:  Mike San Dretto, 920-722-8478

Board of Directors:

(Term ending in 2018)
Jeff Treu,  920-410-1250
Dennis Drazkowski,  262-409-0558
Wayne Parmley, 920-540-2315
Jack Talin,  920-420-0577

(Term ending in 2019)
Chris Northway, 920-420-1594
Bob Haase,  920-922-8003
Scott Bahn,  920-886-9651
Steve Fisher,  920-921-7336

(Term ending in 2020)
Bob Jozwowski,  920-768-1887
Dan Harmon III,  920-235-1761
David Pable,  920-233-2939
Mike Maier,    414-336-0399

Additional Club Information

Open to new members: Yes

Annual Membership Fee: $35   65 and Older $20

Approximate Number of Members: 340

Club Activities

Check our website for a list and schedule of all chapter activities: