Conservation Alliance

An Alliance of Hunting, Fishing, and Sportsman's Clubs in Fond du Lac County

Minutes of Meeting for January 18, 2018

The January 18, 2018 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen.

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read.

The Secretaries report was read and amended to reflect that the cattail plugs in Eldorado Marsh are above the dam, not in the FDL River below the dam.  Minutes accepted as read


RUMMAGE SALE         The Sale scheduled for Saturday March 3 if full with 10 applicants on the waiting list.  There is the possibility that the Agriculture Building may be available for the Alliance to use for the Sale in 2019. This will depend on the ending of the Reporter Rummage Sale in the Main Expo.  The hall rental would be $700 vs. $370 for the Cow Palace.  It is suggested that there is significantly more room in the Ag. Building.  This will be discussed further for a final decision.  Insurance for the Sale is $375.  The Pancake and Yard Signs will be distributed soon as the date is changed.

HOBBS WOODS          There was a meeting at the Courthouse in Jan.  Well attended, some 25 individuals present. Much discussion about what is good, bad and needs to be done at the Woods.  Main topic was the desire to have a toilet.  Second was trail design, maintenance and upkeep.  Third was the East Branch of Campground Creek and the decline in water quality there.  There will be a second meeting some time in Feb.

FOX WOLF WATERWAYS ALLIANCE    The Habitat Committee met to discuss past and future projects to protect the nearshore environment on the Upriver Lakes.  This was a 9 AM – 3 PM meeting so the discussion encompassed short term and long-term issues and ideas.  There will be a vegetation survey of the System Lakes starting this summer.

LAKE DE NEVUE VHS FISH KILL           There was a largemouth bass fish kill from VHS in Spring of 2017.  It is reported some 500 9”-12” bass died.  What is know is the De Nevue Lake Association asked for and received a permit to stock Walleye and Fathead Minnows in De Nevue. The Oshkosh DNR Office was contacted.  The DNR does not normally manage or survey the fish population in Lake De Nevue because there is no public boat access to the lake.  A biologist from DNR was sent to investigate.  Dead fish were sent for analyses and were confirmed to have died from VHS.  All public information about the fish kill stopped there.

HY 45 LAKE ACCESS    Kinker and Cemetery Roads will be completed in 2018. Jered Sidel the Water Regs. DNR person in Oshkosh has been contacted about permitting.  Because there will be less than 25 cu. yd. of lakebed material removed the permit will be a General Permit.  Less expensive and less complicated than an Individual Permit.


CDAC   There will be meetings in March and April at the FDL Courthouse.  The Council is still short of full membership.

ELDORADO MARSH DAM SPILLWAY  There has been discussion started to replace the spillway (built in 1963) and install a fishway.  What is know is the spillway clement structure is deteriorating and the water control structure is failing.  Also known is the Dam / Spillway has stopped Northern Pike, Walleye, Suckers, White Bass and panfish from spawning in the Marsh since 1963.  The Spillway needs to be replaced and a fishway installed to better regulate the water level in the marsh and allow for free fish passage to spawn above the dam.

There is a Pollution Remediation Fund (NRDA) that may be available for funding the project.

DONATIONS    MMS&C to donated $50 for the fundraising events of the Lakeshore Bow Hunters, Lighthouse Anglers and Winnebago Conservation Club.

ALLIANCE WEBSITE     Dave Faubel and   Bob Haase updated the Website.  Take a look!!!

FDL YOUTH ARCHERY IN SCHOOLS    When Tuffy’s went out of business, the youth archery program lost a place to have indoor shoots.  Does anyone know where there is a building with enough open space to have an indoor archery range??????? 

DE NEVUE CREEK POLLUTION                        Rademann Stone on Co. Hy. B is pumping quarry sediment into the headwaters of the east branch of De Nevue Creek.  This was first reported to the DNR in Green Bay 10 years ago.  Doug Bilgo the Conservation Warden from Campbellsport investigated. At that time Rademann did not have a discharge permit.  The DNR was again notified of the problem in April 2017.  Again, in December 2017. The DNR response is that they are working with Rademann’s Consultant.  10 years have passed and the quarry sediment is still flowing down De Nevue Creek and into Lake Winnebago after every large rain storm. This has completely changed the ecosystem of the creek as the entire waterway is coated with a layer of the slime / silt.

NEXT MEETING   THURSDAY, February 15 7 PM at the Oakfield Conservation Club --- located on Highbridge Road.  Take Co.Hy. D south from FDL toward Oakfield.  Where Co. Hy. B. turns east (left), turn west (right) on Highbridge Road.  West on Highbridge 1 mile.  Club house is no north (right) side of the road.

Respectfully Submitted


Mike Arrowood, secretary

Minutes of Meeting for November 9, 2017

The Nov. 9, 2017 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM.

The Secretaries and Treasurer’s reports were read and accepted as read.

WILDLIFE REPORT       The Poynette Game Farm does not have sufficient budget to raise all chicks hatched.  The hen chicks are either sold to the public, euthanized or fed to the animals at the Poynette Animal Exhibit.  The new FDL Co. (west side) biologist attended.  He previously worked out of Madison on waterfowl and has had experience in FDL Co. working on Upland Game habitat.  His office is in Horicon. The Plymouth biologist position is open (east side of county). The Mullet Marsh water control structure is currently under development.   DU is currently partnering with the project.

FISHERIES REPORT      All Fall stocking projects are complete.  The DNR has been ordered to divest itself of heavy equipment that is not often used.  Work projects will now require the leasing of equipment for habitat and other projects.  The annual cost of leasing vs. owning wil be 3 -4 times the cost of owning the equipment.  Kendall was not sure where in government the directive for this came from.  Adam Nickle is looking at possible trout habitat projects.  Gobies --- nothing new to report.  None have been found in Winnebago as of now.    They are isolated below the Menasha Lock and Dam.  The Fox River Navigational System Authority is looking at the possibility of an electric battier in the lock to allow for boat traffic to resume.  It would be a bottom only barrier which is not the best system to exclude juvenile fish.


Hy. 45 LAKE ACCESS SITES      Still no action.  Sam Tobias has made the Town of Friendship aware of the Wis. DOT surveys that agree with the 1926 original plats of the west shore of Lake Winnebago.  They both show a platted 66’ right of way from Hy. 45 to the lakeshore.

HOBBS WOODS          The bridge by the parking lot has been rebuilt and the bridge on the SE corner of the woods will also be rebuilt.

PRINCETON DAM        Nothing new.  Project on hold till the State Building Committee makes a ruling to release the $1.75 million passed in the budget for the project.

RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES PUBLIC MEETING      Mike Arrowood, Jim Kramer and Dave Van Gorder attended the meeting in Appleton.  Specifically to express opposition to construction of an ATV trail in Eldorado Marsh.  There is nothing being discussed for another 2 years.

STURGEON HERPES    Sue Marquenski, the retired DNR Aquatic Veterinarian, took tissue samples to identify the virus on the fish. The presence of the virus could affect the hatchery rearing program of sturgeon at the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery. Keeping the herpes virus out of state fish hatcheries is a priority. The White Sturgeon in the Pacific NW states have been found to be infected with this virus.



NEW ALLIANCE MEMBER       The Fox Wolf Waterways Alliance has joined the Alliance.  This brings the Alliance membership to 24 organizations.

BASS – WALLEYE INTERACTION         The Bond Lake Association (Washburn Co.) has been stocking fin clipped extended growth walleye.  Largemouth Bass have been caught with the fin clipped walleye in their stomachs.

LAKE DE NEVUE FISH KILL       The Largemouth Bass die off of around 500 8 -10 in bass was the result of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS).  VHS is a disease that cause tissue to hemorrhage (“leak”) blood till the fish dies. VHS was found, and is still present, in Lake Winnebago some years ago.  QUESTION IS ???????? how did it get in De Nevue?  There is a dam on the outflow stream with an 8’ vertical drop that prevents any fish from swimming upstream from Winnebago.  

PUBLIC LAKE ACCESS  Wisconsin Law mandates a public access every ½ mile on all lakes with platted shorelines.  Often these are town roads but are not necessarily so.  The practice of Adverse Possession does not apply with legally platted public lake access.  Individuals that have “developed” these platted accesses have no legal right to possession or exclusion of the public from using these lake access sites.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court has affirmed this opinion in 5 cases in the past.

FREE FISHING WEEKEND         Korin from FWWA asked if any organization had an event scheduled for the Jan 20 -21 weekend.  The Isaac Walton League will have one in FDL.

HUNTING AGE ELEMINATION BILL     The Wisconsin Legislature has passed and Governor Walker signed legislation that eliminated all age restrictions for hunting in Wisconsin.  The 1 gun – 2 hunters for mentored hunts was changed to 2 guns as well.

NEXT MEETING           Thursday, Dec 21. 7 PM at Wescott Sportsman Club located ½ mile north of Hy. 23 on Co. Hy. I , west of FDL.  Sponsored by Wescott.

Respectfully submitted  


Mike Arrowood, secretary.         


Note:  Sam Tobias, the FDL Parks Director will attend to talk about natural resources grants and Hobbs Woods.       


Minutes of Meeting for October 19, 2017

The October 19, 2017 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen At 7 PM.

The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were read and accepted as read.

MEETING GUESTS       Korin Doering and Chris Acy from the Fox Wolf Waterways Alliance attended the meeting.  Korin is the person facilitating the formation and planning of the Alliance. She facilitates the different committees established by the Alliance.  Chris is the Alien Invasive Species specialist for the Winnebago System.


RUMMAGE SALE  Bill Schmitz has stepped down as one of the organizers of the Sale.  Bill has been very instrumental in the success of the Sale and his dedication to the effort will be missed.  His multiple duties will have to be filled by other delegates.  Any volunteers?

CDAC   The FDL County CDAC committee does not have a full complement of members necessary to conduct a meeting.  Organizing rules dictated 9 members from various selected disciplines such as Forestry, Agriculture, Government, Business, Conservation, Conservation Congress, Tourism etc.  These were selected by DNR Bureau level individuals when the CDAC process was designed / formed.  At present there are not enough members on the FDL CDAC committee to have a voting quorum.

Hy. 45 WINNEBAGO LAKE ACCESS     Still no action by FDL County on the lake access improvement project proposed by the Alliance. The project would provide a 22’ x 60’ cement access at Kinker, Cemetery and Subway Roads at no cost to the taxpayer.  The Alliance would pay all costs of the project that would improve lake access for the public.

HOBBS WOODS          No new news about the recently discussed Master Plan for the Woods.  A one year closure of the Woods to allow it to heal from excessive and abusive use has apparently gained no traction.

CALUMETVILLE LAKE ACCESS There is currently a 6” thick cement slab at water line.  It extends into the lake approximately 5 feet.  More discussion of the need for a work project there before the Alliance will budget or plan to do anything.

PRINCETON DAM        The DNR budgeted amount of $1.750,000 was left in the budget.  Where the project stands now is a bit of an unknown.  The project is in the hands of the Bureau of Parks and Lands in the DNR.


CDAC / FDL WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT            Rachel Brookins from the Oshkosh DNR office will no longer be the Biologist for the western half of FDL Co. The new biologist will be from the Columbus DNR office.  Rachel plans to introduce him to the Alliance at a future meeting.

POYNETTE GAME FARM         The butchering of hen pheasants at the Poynette Game Farm was discussed.  No one knew much about the specifics of the action.  Questions were raised as to why the hens were not released for harvest / reproduction.

RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES ANALYSIS       The DNR will hold 4 meetings around the state to get public input into existing outdoor-based recreational opportunities and future recreational needs on public property.  Closest meeting is in Appleton, Wed, Nov. 1 at Fox Valley Tech.  The Alliance will attend to express opposition to putting an ATV trail in Eldorado Marsh Wildlife Area.

WISCONSIN WILDLIFE FEDERATION REPORT             The Natural Resources Board is discussing changing the Elk Hunting Rules established when the Elk reintroduction program was started. A minimum herd number had been set before hunting would take place Then proposal would reduce that number to allow bull elk in the herd to be harvested.

A judge has overturned the opinion of Attorney General that the DNR had no regulatory jurisdiction of the permitting of High Capacity Wells.  The opinion was based on a 7 – 0 Wisconsin Supreme Court opinion that Saukville could not sink a well that would affect the water in Lake Bulah.

Assembly Bill 490 would reduce the cost of deer licenses by 1/3 for veterans over 70.

AB 528 would establish a $4.50 license for youth 15, 16 &17 years old.

WINNEBAGO STURGEON        The sturgeon in the Winnebago System have been found to have a Herpes Virus infection.  White sturgeon on the Pacific Coast have a similar infection.  The condition will be monitored.

WINNEBAGO SAUGER             As part of the WFT Fox River Sauger Project, a tissue sample from the males and females used for eggs and sperm was sent to UW Stevens Point.  A DNA analysis was done on each of the 89 samples.  These samples were compared with the DNA from the Wisconsin River Sauger.  The two populations are NOT genetically related.  Raises the question of where the Winnebago Sauger population came from or if they have been here forever.

STURGEON WATCH    Because of the lack of wardens ( 10 warden vacancies in the N.E. region) there will be a reduced warden presence for the sturgeon spawning season.  The 3 local wardens will still be on duty.  There will not be additional warden presence as in the past.


NEXT MEETING *****************  ONE WEEK EARLY******************** Thursday, Nov.9, 7 PM at TJ’s Restaurant on Hy. 45.  S of Wendt’s on Evergreen Ave.  Sturgeon For Tomorrow, SW Chapter will sponsor.

Respectfully Submitted  Mike Arrowood, Secretary

Minutes of Meeting for September 21, 2017

The September 21, 2017 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM.

The Treasurer’s and Secretaries reports were read and accepted as read.                                     


ALLIANCE DUES  All organizations have now paid their 2017 dues.

ALLIANCE RUMMAGE SALE RAFFLE.  MMS&C to have the Alliance Raffle at the 2018 Rummage Sale.

Hy. 45 LAKE WINNEBAGO LAKE ACCESSES     The County Surveyor has located Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation surveys from the last Hy. 45 improvement project. They show the same 66’ right of way on Subway, Kinker and Cemetery roads that are shown in the original Lake Winnebago shoreline survey of 1926.  No action by the County or Town of Frienship.

CALUMETVILLE LAKE ACCESS                There is a small building 10 – 12 feet from the edge of the road.

ASSEMBLY BILL 411  George Borchert listened to Chief Warden Todd Schaller’s comments at a Wisconsin Wildlife Federation meeting.  Todd pleaded his opinion to the group about the issue.

CDAC  The next meeting will be Oct. 13 to discuss the decision to maintain the deer population in FDL County at the present level for the next 3 years.

LAKESIDE PARK FISHING PLATFORMS.  Dave Fuabel heard a positive response from a Mayville resident with disabilities who has used the Alliance constructed fishing platforms.

REMINGTON 700 RIFLE SAFETY ISSUE  Pete Halbur researched the issue and discussed it with the delegates.

RIVERSIDE HUNTING & FISHING CLUB LEGAL DISPUTE  The legal case brought against the club over shooting noise has been settled out of court.


HOBBS WOODS  Bob Hoey met a person with a picture of a 17” Brown Trout that was caught in Hobbs Woods (Parson’s Creek).  FDL County is looking to form a Master Plan for the Woods to submit for future budgeting.

LITIGATION DISCUSSION  There was discussion about legislation that would let the mentor and novice hunter possess a firearm during the hunt.  At present only the mentored hunter may possess a fiream.

DONATIONS   MMS&C to donat $50 to Dotyville and Oakfield for their fundraising events.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS  Otto Bowe stated the Upland Game Committee has forwarded a resolution to the Executive Committee that would extend the pheasant season.

NEXT MEETING  THURSDAY, October 19, 7 PM at the WFT Office, 224 Auburn St. FDL.  Sponsored by Trout Unlimited

GUEST ATTENDEE  Corin Doering from the Fox-Wolf Waterways Alliance.  And possibly Chris Acy the new Alien Invasive Species person for Winnebago.

Respectfully Submitted

Dave Schumacher, V.P.




Minutes of Meeting for August 17, 2017

The August 17, 2017  meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order at 7 PM at the Riverside Hunting & Fishing Club.

The Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were read and accepted as read.


ALLIANC DUES             The West Shore Fishing Club and SFT SW Chapter have not paid their 2017 dues.

Fox-Wolf Waterways Alliance                        Mike Arrowood attended the Technical Team meeting of the Habitat Committee.  Essentially, the group is attempting ways to justify applying for grants to remediate perceived or actual habitat issues. Most of the conversation centered around loss of lakeshore habitat on Lakes Poygan and Butte des Morts. There are other committees that need a greater mix of participants.  Anyone interested ????????????.


Hy 45 LAKE ACCESS SURVEYS             Wisconsin DOT surveys from the last time Hy. 45 was rebuilt have been located by FDL County.  The road access from Hy. 45  to Subway, Kinker and Cometary Roads are 66’ writes of way down to the Lake.  Kinker and Cometary are clean.  Subway has a privately-owned structure partially built over the boundary.  Survey maps of each of the roads were passed out for reference.  The County will take the maps to the Friendship Town Board and Town Attorney for opinions.

CALUMETVILLE LAKE ACCESS The access has been discussed before for possible upgrading.  No one from the Alliance has taken a look at the matter.  The original plat at the Courthouse will be previewed as was done on the West shore to find what the survey platted for boundaries. 

PRINCETON DAM        Until the State Budget stalemate in the Legislature is cleared up no action will take place as the monies for the project are part of the DNR Budget that must be approved.


ASSEMBLY BILL 411    The bill if approved would prohibit Conservation Wardens from entering any private land without probable cause.  This is in direct contradiction to settled law from court cased across the Country.  Natural resources, (fish, game, land, water, air, timber and plants) are considered a Public Trust that are owned by the state and not the individual owners of the land they exist on.  Where statutes specifically protect them, Conservation Wardens have the obligation to protect them as provided by statute.  This bill would restrict that ability to protect.        Todd Schaller, Wisconsin Chief Warden attended the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Meeting in August to talk about 411.

COUNTY DEER ADVISORY COUNCIL (CDAC)   The next CDAC meeting will be Aug 22, 7 PM. To discuss whether to continue increasing the FDL County deer population, hold steady or decrease the population. The next meeting will be the deciding meeting to finalize the decision.

A PROBLEM EXISTS.  Excluding the Conservation Congress Chairman of the Council, only 2 individuals volunteered to remain on the Council for another 3 year term. 7 positions are available for membership. That means no action can take place by the Council because a quorum of the mandated members of the Council does not exist. A Council with no legal ability to make a decision !!!!!!!!.  A great way to manage a deer population.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS   The Land and Water Committee will discuss 2 resolutions.  #1, Restrict snowmobiles from crossing ski trails.  #2. Change all state stickers to expire at the same time (date)

REMINGTON 700 RECALL       If you have a 700 be careful, they may fire on safe.  Extreme cold seems to be the culprit.  A new trigger mechanism seems to have the same problem.  Consult a Remington vendor for more information.

NEXT MEETING  THURSDAY, SEPT 21, 7 PM at the Dotyville Sportsman’s Club located on Co. Hy. B.  North side of highway on the West edge of Eden.  Take I 41 South to B, go East on B to Clubhouse.

Respectfully submitted


Mike Arrowood, Secretary


The July 20, 2017 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM at the WFT Office.

The Secretaries and Treasurer’s reports were read and accepted as read.

FISHERIES AND WILDLIFE REPORT     Kendall Kamke gave the report and provided a written copy of his report.  See attached.  Thanks Kendall, way better than my cryptic notes.



YOUTH ARCHERY ARTICLE     The Action Advertiser has not printed the photo and article which was turned in to them by Chuck Shob.

ALLIANCE DUES           The following organizations have still not turned in their dues: West Shore, Sturgeon For Tomorrow SW Chapter and Pipe Fishing Club.

PRINCETON DAM / FISHWAY  Nothing will happen or be known about the fate of DNR funding till the Governor and Legislature get a budget done.

FOX WOLF WATERSHED ALLIANCE    The Alliance is still looking for individuals interested in the aquatic plant study committee and the facilities and outreach committee.  There needs to be some individual person / club representation on these committees.  Otherwise the are populated by special interest and governmental workers that do not have the proper skill sets to really represent the publics best interests.

EVERGREEN AVE. LAKE ACCESS          The Alliance gave the OK to transfer the property to TJ’s Restaurant with the provision that the lake access be 22’ wide.  The letters of intent by TJ’s had stated a 12’ access.  As a result of the Alliance’s provision, the legal papers had to be rewritten to reflect the 22’wide access.  Caused some heartburn.  Oh well.

NEW BUSINESS           

MULLET MARSH          The dam / spillway has been removed and there are plans to rebuild it.  Total cost is estimated to be $250,000.00.  There is already around $180,000.00 in State and Federal funds.  This dam backs up around 250 acres of surface water in the marsh.  The additional money will have to be raised from other sources.

FISHING GUIDE DOUBLE BAGGING    Fishing guides on the Winnebago System and Green Bay are double tripping / double bagging on a daily basis.  Clients in the morning take the guides 5 fish home and the afternoon clients do the same.  There is some discussion of making a case against this process.

ROOT RIVER, WAUKESHA CO.                        There is a survey of aquatic life being conducted prior to Waukesha taking up the 8,500,000 gallons of water from Lake Michigan and pumping the wastewater treatment water into the Root River for return to Lake Michigan.  It does not appear that there is any thought or concern about of all the antibiotics, artificial  estrogen and testosterone, antidepressants and dozens of other chemicals humans take every day that will now be present in the Root River.  And how these will affect the plants and animals living in the Root River.

NEXT MEETING                       Thursday, August 17, 7 PM at the Riverside Hunting & Fishing Club located 15 miles East of FDL.  Go East to Co. G, turn North, 3 miles to Co. C.  Turn East (right) & go ½ miles.  Clubhouse on left.

Respectfully Submitted


Mike Arrowood, secretary

Minutes of Meeting for July 20, 2017
Minutes of Meeting for June 15, 2017

The June 15, 2017 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM

The Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were read and accepted as read.


YOUTH ARCHERY PICTURE     The picture was taken at Tuffy’s and an article will appear in the Action Advertiser to highlight the Alliance’s donation of $1,000 to support the program.

PRINCETON DAM FISHWAY    The State Legislature is dithering about the State Budget so no one knows if the appropriation to cap the dam with cement and build a fishway will stay in the budget or not.  The Princeton Dam is the last dam downstream from Pardeeville/ Swan Lake that does not have a fishway. 

LSP FISHING PIERS       The last four piers will be built this summer.


MONARCH BUTTERFLIES        There is a Federal NRCS program to fund butterfly habitat creation at the rate of $2,300 per acre created.  More at the next meeting.

LAKE WINNEBAGO ACCESS     The certified title surveys will not take place.  The County Surveyor has located historic road surveys however that indicate a 66’ right of way to Winnebago at Kinker, Subway and Cemetery roads.  He will survey the rights of way by the end of July.

COUNTY DEER ADVISORY COUNCIL   All the positions on the Council have ended their terms.  Applications for the positions can be found on DNR Website.  Search Keyword is CDAC.  Andy Seibel and Dave Schumacher will reapply.  And maybe Wally Seibel.

LICENSE FEE INCREASES         There have been a number of license fee increases proposed to offset he DNR budget shortfall.  There has not been a general license fee increase in 12 YEARS. No increase in Fishing Licenses has been proposed.  The Wisconsin Tourism Industry opposes this increase and the Governor and Legislature will never upset or oppose them.

NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION ANNUAL MEETING          George and Betty Borchert attended the meeting in Washington State. Lil Pipping from Elkhart Lake was selected as National Affiliate Volunteer of the Year. The NWF supports the shutdown of the very old Embridge Oil Pipeline running across Northern Wisconsin.  The pipeline crosses Indian Reservations and they have chosen to not renew Right of Way contracts for the pipeline.  In early May there was a National CWD meeting.  The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is donating $10,000 toward CWD research.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS   Bob Haase has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Congress. There are two from each of the Congresses districts statewide.

FDL COUNTY / TOWNSHIP RIGHT OF WAY MOWING            Both groups wait until the Wild Parsnip seed pods are fully formed and mature before roadside mowing.  This has resulted in Wild Parsnip being widespread throughout the County. The mowing schedules should be changed to mow the Parsnip just after the yellow seed head appears to prevent the seeds from maturing and disseminated by hitching a ride on the mowing equipment. Wild Parsnip sap will cause severe blistering of the skin when people come in contact with the plant.  Parsnip is non-native, invasive and is a danger to the public.  The Alliance will raise the subject with the FDL County Board in an effort in influence a change in mowing scheduling.

FOX WOLF WATERWAYS ALLIANCE    There is a new initiative to make the Winnebago System better.  More to come.

NEXT MEETING           Thursday July 20, 7 PM at the Walleye’s For Tomorrow Office, 224 Auburn St. FDL.  Sponsored by WFT.

Respectfully Submitted


Mike Arrowood, secretary

Minutes of Meeting for February 16, 2017

The February 16, 2017 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by Vice President Dave Schumacher at 7 PM>

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.

WILDLIFE REPORT       Rachel Brookins reported that there will be 2 wildlife habitat project in El Dorado Marsh.  One of 1.8 acres and one 11 acre parcel.  The Rush Lake north boat landing will be done by end of June.  This is a small craft (canoe, kayak) type of landing.  There was a Feb. 2 CDAC Workshop with Winnebago, FDL and Dodge Counties attending.  A Lake Winnebago wetlands project assessment will occur to determine success of projects dating back to 1990.  There will be a CDAC meeting in FDL to review deer populations, harvest numbers from 2016 and 2017 harvest quotas.

FISHRIES REPORT        Adam Nickle gave a fisheries population assessment review from the 2016 trawling program.  Over all the assessment numbers were very good.  The walleye recruitment was 7TH best since assessment started in 1986.  Young of the Year (YOY) fingerlings averaged 6.9” in length. Crappie had the best hatch ever recorded.  White bass YOY numbers were the best since 2012 but still below the 30 yr. average.  Yellow perch were only slightly above the 30 yr. average as well.  The forage population numbers were the best since 2010. Trout Perch, Gizzard Shad and Drum (Sheephead) make up the majority of the forage base.


RUMMAGE SALE         Setup will be 3 PM Friday, March 3.  MMS&C for the Alliance to give $100 for the Alliance Raffle.  There was a discussion about the Youth Archery Program doing a presentation at the Sale.  No action on the subject.

CDAC-CWD     There were 5 Objectives outlined at the Jan. meeting with Action Items for each. The Statewide opinions of the objectives are being compiled.  60 public comments were collected.  Many questions about DATCP (Department of Agriculture,  Trade & Consumer  Protection) were raised.

LICENSE FEE INCREASE           There is a formal request from many sporting organizations around the state to raise license fees.  A Legislative Audit of DNR funding found a $4,000,000 shortfall in income vs. spending.  There has been no license fee increases in Wisconsin in the past 12 years.

STURGEON HOLE LATHE.  The Alliance is out of lathe.  Will have to find a low cost provider.  Normally there are around 20 bundles passed out each year so 100 bundles would be a good # to purchase.




WATER DREDGING PERMITS  Mike Arrowood attended a meeting In Madison concerning a DNR proposal to issue General Permits for dredging up to 25 cu. yds. of material from lake shorelines by riparian landowners.  General Permits provide for no public input of dredging of lakebed material. Individual Permits are a more involved process that allows for public comments.  All lakebeds in Wisconsin are Public Property.  This proposal had a Senate Natural Resources Committee hearing in 2016.  7 hours of public comments with 200 individuals testifying.  1 testified in favor and the matter was dropped. The Wisconsin Lakes Association (10,000) members is opposed as are Lake Associations.  The DNR employees would not say who is responsible for bringing the General Permit issue up for discussion again.

DATCP AND CAFOs     There is a proposal in the Legislature to take the oversight of CAFO (Confined Area Feeding Operations) manure spreading away from DNR and give it to DATCP. DATCP has done a damn poor job of managing CWD since the Legislature took the oversight of Deer Farms away from DNR.  There is no reason to assume they would do an adequate job of protecting the environment if given control of manure spreading.

FOOT OF THE LAKE FISHING OUTING (YOUTH)         MMS&C to donate $150 for purchase of fishing equipment.

DONATION      MMS&C to donate $50 to the Winnebago Conservation Club fundraising event.

WWF REPORT             All future elk releases in Wisconsin will go to the Clam Lake herd.  The Black River Falls herd appears able to be self- supporting for now.  Bear harvest permits are up 11.5 % for 2017.  There will be a Shooting Range Seminar March 17.  AB 61 would prohibit feeding and baiting deer in CWD affected counties with a 36 and 24 month sunset clause for the ban.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS   There are 88 queations for the Spring Hearing on April 10, 2017. Bob Haase and Dave La Pine are up for reelection.


NEXT MEETING           Thursday, March 16, 7 PM at the Van Dyne Sportsman’s Club.  ½ mile west of Co. RP on County Line/ Lone Elm Rd.


Respectfully Submitted


Mike Arrowood, secretary.


  Minutes of Meeting for August 18, 2016

The August 18, 2016 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM at the Dotyville Sportsman’s Club.

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.

WILDLIFE REPORT Rachel reported that the dam gates at Eldorado Marsh were replaced.  Duck banding has been underway for a while. On Rush Lake the cattails will be sprayed to control the population.  The dyke at Eldorado Marsh will cost between $1,500 & $1,700 to repair.  The Alliance will cover $1,500 of the expense.  CDAC will hold a 2017 Fall meeting to discuss splitting FDL Co. into two deer management zones.  This year there are 348 Public Land and 2,754 Private Land doe permits available in FDL Co.

The first section of the new Poygan Breakwall Project (1,170 feet) is underway at a final cost of $400,.000 for this section.

FISHERIES REPORT      Adam reported on the Winnebago Trawl Program.  46 sites are sampled the first week of August, September and October each year. A sampling net is lowered at each site, pulled for 5 minutes and the catch is sorted and counted by the DNR staff and volunteers on the trawler. The Program is designed to sample the Fall Fingerling population of all species of fish in Lake Winnebago.  Walleye are the sportfish on interest.  A catch per trawl number has been kept at each of the 46 sites since 1976.  The catch of walleye fingerlings in 2012 was .2 per trawl. 2013, 13, 2014, 1, 2015, 1.2, 2016 first week average was 12.  What was the difference in2015 & 2016?  2015 had high water on the spawning  marshes, cold to cool weather and ice out on Winnebago was later than normal resulting in poor hatch / survival of walleye spawn (1.2)  2016, high water, warm temps and Winnebago ice out was a bit earlier than normal, a good spawn (12).  A 7-10 per trawl catch is a good-quite good average for walleye.

Crappie last had a good hatch in 2010 (12.6 per trawl).  2016 is 15.5.  Perch last had a good spawn in 2010 (441.5 per trawl), 2016 is 1.2.  White Bass 2011, 12.8, 2016, 31.6.  Gizzard Shad in 2016, 916, highest ever recorded. Drum, Sheephead, 2012, 185.7, 2016, 16.  Trout Perch the #1 walleye forage species in Winnebago, 2016, 441.5, highest # since 2006.  Looking good for all species except Sheephead.

Reward Tag Program.  In 2015 DNR tagged 5,230 walleye with non-reward tags.  After tag loss (4.7%) 4,995 fish held tags.  398 tags were returned. Using an estimated 50% tag return by anglers,  Exploitation (harvest) was calculated at 15.9% of population.

2016 210 walleye were tagged with $100 reward tags. 55 were returned as of August meeting a 27.9% return rate.  Calculated Exploitation (harvest) using the 27.9% return rate is 35% on males and 55% on females tagged.  This is an eye opener and will be food for thought.

The Reward Program is being funded by Walleyes For Tomorrow and Battle on Bago at the present time.

Musky Tagging            From 2002 – 2007 24,000 were stocked and fin clipped.  2015, 628 Spotted Musky were stocked. 2016, 418 were stocked. With PIT tags that last 5 years. 2016, 15 ACOUSTIC TAGS were surgically implanted on July 29 in 15 musky 15- 16 inches long. They were held in pens to insure survival until released.  The tags are 5 yr. tags and cost $330 each.

The Tagging Program acoustic tags were purchased by the Alliance, Dave’s Musky Club and the Winnebagoland Musky Club.

GREEN BAY ECONOMIC STUDY          Walleyes For Tomorrow will fund an Economic Study of the value of sport fishing in Green Bay.  The last study was done in 1996 as part of the PCB pollution study / lawsuit on the Lower Fox River.  The impetus for the study / value estimation is an initiative by commercial fishermen to increase their presence / harvest in Lower Green Bay. There is concern that this increase in netting, catch and kill activity will have an adverse effect upon the valuable sport fish populating in Lower Green Bay.

LAKESIDE PARK FISHING PLATFORMS  4 addition new platforms will be built this Monday – Thursday.


LAKESIDE PARK FISHING PLATFORMS.  MMS&C to spend no more than $1,300 to purchase steel I beams for 4 additional platforms.  This expenditure is the result of 26 I beams being stolen and sold a scrap to American Salvage in FDL.  16 of the stolen I beams were purchased from American by the Alliance for $100 (the scrap price paid to the thief by American).

DONATION  MMS&C to donate $50 to Dotyville for their fundraising event.

WWF REPORT             5 Year Goals 1, Protect and Increase Public Lands in Wisconsin. 2.Monitor StateTrails. 3. Retain Federal Funding for Fish & Wildlife Accounts. “Failure at the Faucet” is a video about Wisconsin’s lack of protection of groundwater.  The Federation Annual Print competition is looking for submissions. The Federation is advocating a General License fee increase in the 2017-2019 State Budget and a change in the Railroad Crossing Legislation passed in 2012 that prevents anglers from walking on Railroad right of way to access fishing locations.

CDAC   No Fall meeting in 2016.  One in Spring to assess Fall hunt / harvest.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS   Upland Game, 75,000 pheasants will be released.

NEXT MEETING  Thursday, September 15, 7 PM at Steffes’s Tavern in St. Peter.  Hosted by the Pipe Fishing Club.

Repectfully Submitted

Mike Arrowood, secretary 



  Minutes of Meeting for July 21, 2016 

The July 21 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen @ 7 PM.

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read.

The Secretary report was amended to reflect the new access at Wolf Lake will be for ATV & truck access.  The bonus doe tags will cost $12 each.

BIOLOGIST REPORT    Rachel reported the doe validation for licenses will cost $2 if validated at a commercial vendor, and is free on line or at DNR service center. Call in registration will be validated by a code and only valid once per permit. Only one kill permit can possessed while hunting.  Only Green Lake has a Holiday Hunt in the immediate area.  Green Lake has 2 free permits per person.   DMAP,  Only 3 management areas in FDL Co.  3 levels of DMAP are available; Level 1 is for information only, Level 2 is for landowners of 160 acres or more and costs $75 for 3 years, Level 3 is for landowners of 640 acres or more and costs $150 for 3 years.  All have differing levels of DNR participation depending upon the acreage.

DNR Technician Art Techlow retired and Rachel inherited several projects.  Terrell’s Island has 3 ¾ miles of walking trails and was constructed for Tern Management.  The Lake Poygan Break wall Project will be a multi-year project constructed in 5-6 segments and cost around $400,000   - $500,000 per segment.

Rachel has several projects in Eldorado Marsh.  3 scrapes with berms, New grates on the Dike Road dam, Repair of the dam overflow on a scrape.


RUMMAGE SALE         Will need to purchase additional yard signs.

FISHING FOR FREEDOM          50 boats were used to take veterans fishing.  It was well received by all attending

ELDORADO MARSH MANAGEMENT PLAN     The Plan will be up for review in 2017.  Hot topic is a request for an ATV trail to be built in / around the Wildlife Area.

GREEN BAY ECONOMIC STUDY          WFT is planning to finance an economic study of sport fishing value on the Bay.  This will be similar to the study that found fishing in / on Lake Winnebago had a $234,000,000 economic impact on the 5 counties surrounding the lake and supported employment of 4,300 people.  The reason for this is the proposal by commercial fishermen to increase their harvest of whitefish in Lower Green Bay.  The concern is the by catch of sport fish and the possible negative impact on their populations.


FUNDRAISING EVENTS            MMS&C to donate $50 to Fisherman’s Road and Riverside for their events.

CARP ARTICLE             An article from the 1902 Reporter of anglers concerns about the number of Carp in Lake Winnebago was passed out for information.

SALMON TAGS            An article about the minute tags being placed in stocked salmon was discussed.  Seems not all tagged fish have the adipose fin clipped as stated in the article.  Joe Janiak related that charters are catching tagged fish without the clip.

ELDORADO MARSH DAM REPAIR.  MMS&C to spend no more than $1,500 on the repair of the dam / overflow structure for the scrape in Eldorado Marsh.  Rachel will get back to the Alliance on the cost when she gets estimates from contractors.

WISCONSIN WILDLIFE FEDERATION   Federation calendars will be available at the August meeting.  Anyone interested in selling calendars for the Alliance should talk to Betty Borchert at the meeting.

CDAC   Wisconsin has hired two new deer biologists.  One for the North and one for West Central regions of the state.  The idea of splitting FDL County into two deer management units was discussed, again.  There may be a CDAC meeting this Fall some time.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS   The Fall district meeting will be Aug. 2 in Winneconne.  The Warm Water Study Committee will discuss the resolutions submitted statewide at the Spring Hearings Aug. 20 at a meeting held at the Mead Wildlife Center in Milladore.  The Upland Game Committee shot down the proposal to have a 4/2 season framework for Turkey hunting.  The proposal would have allowed anyone having a season 1-4 permit that was not successful to automatically hunt the last 2 seasons.

WISCONSIN PUBLIC LAND SALES        Rachel discussed the three parcels of Public Hunting Land that are up for sale in FDL Co. 2 are probably a go for sale  and no longer be open for public use and 1 maybe will be kept for public use.  Only by virtue of unique habitat on the property.

NEXT MEETING           Thursday, August 18, 7 PM at the Dotyville Sportsman’s Club located ½ mile west of Dotyville on Walnut Rd.


Respectfully Submitted


Mike Arrowood, secretary


NOTE   Adam Nickle, the Lake Winnebago Walleye Biologist will attend to provide the results of the August trawling / Young of the Year assessment.



  Minutes of Meeting for June 16, 2016

The June meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at the Walleyes For Tomorrow office at 7 PM.

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.

WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST REPORT                        Ellen Bartz reported on the proposed ATV trail in the Eldorado Wildlife Area. The Master Plan for 2016 – 2017 is up for review.  One individual has asked for an ATV trail to be built.  Alliance questions included; Can a trail legally be built, Where would such a trail be built, Who will police use, Who is responsible for maintenance and upkeep,  Who pays for the same and Where does the money come from?  All to be up for debate and discussion.

            Deer bonus tags will go on sale, $10 each, on August 16 for Northern and Central Zones, August 17 for South and August 18 for all zone leftover tags.  FDL doe tags are 450 for Public Lands and 2,800 for Private Lands.  Goose banding will be June 22 & 23 in FDL & Winnebago Counties. Public is invited to attend, view and help.

FISHERIES REPORT      Kendal Kamke reported 200 walleye were tagged with Reward Tags, Pink and worth $100 each when returned to DNR Oshkosh.  Walleye Weekend had 2 returns from Lake Butte des Mortes.  Program was not advertised to eliminate bias in the survey results.  Pink tags will only be valid in 2016.  Program will likely go 1 -2 more years.  $100 reward is being paid for by Battle On Bago and Walleyes For Tomorrow.   Gobies do not trap well, 4,000 trap hours and only 1 caught.  50 -100 have been caught by anglers in Little Lake Buttes des Mortes on the Fox River below the Neenah Lock and Dam.  None in Winnebago ---YET.  DNR does not know how they got from Green Bay to Neenah.  Most likely by someone using them for bait.  Gobies carry botulism, a sometimes deadly bacteria.  The Menominee Tribes desire to place a fishway around the Balsam Row Dam 4 miles upriver on the Wolf from Shawano is in the works.

            Walleye.  The large 2013 year class is growing slower than the normal growth rate of walleye in Winnebago.  Adam Nickle will attend the August Alliance meeting after the August trawling to discuss the 2016 spawning results.


ALLIANCE DUES           Pipe  Fishing Club and Wings Over Wisconsin still owe 2016 dues.

FISHING FOR FREEDOM          The Alliance donated toward the activity and has had no report about the event.

WOLF LAKE ATV ACCESS         A second lake access for ATV use will be built.

FOOT OF THE LAKE YOUTH FISHING OUTING                        96 kids caught numerous species of fish while fishing in Lakeside Park lagoons.


HOBBS WOODS / PARSONS CREEK    400+ Brook Trout were stocked by DNR in May.

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT & FISH EGG MORTALITY           An article in The Wisconsin Outdoort News magazine reported that 50% of Bluegill eggs spawned in shallow & clear water were killed by Ultraviolet Light. The fish in the study were adapting by those spawned in deeper water and survived were in turn spawning deeper and pulling off successful spawn.

GREEN BAY FISHING ECONOMIC VALUE STUDY        As a result of commercial fishermen proposing increasing Whitefish harvest in Lower Green Bay, Walleyes For Tomorrow is considering funding a Fishing Economic Study similar to the one conducted on Lake Winnebago in 2007.  That study found fishing in Lake Winnebago was worth $234,000,000 and supported employing 4,500 individuals in the 5 counties that surround the Lake.   In contrast the charter fishing industry for trout and salmon on Lake Michigan has a $125,000,000 economic benefit.

LSP WEST BOATING PIER        The pier was installed between the parking lots at the FDL River launch site to facilitate lessening boat slip congestion.  The cost to the Alliance was around $2,300.  The pier is on wheels and will be moved away from the river each Fall.

NEXT MEETING           Thursday, July 21, 7 PM at the Walleyes For Tomorrow office.  224 Auburn St. FDL.  Sponsored by WFT

Respectfully submitted

Mike Arrowood, Secretary


NOTE *****  Digging day for 4 addition fishing platforms in LSP East *****   Wednesday, July 20 starting at 8 AM.


   Minutes of Meeting for May 19, 2016

The May 19 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.


ALLIANCE DUES      The following organizations are behind in paying dues; Eden, North Fond du Lac, Pipe Fishing, Wings.

LSP WEST FISHING PIER. MMS&C to spend no more than $3,000 on purchase of pier, cement and landscaping for the pier on the FDL River.  George Borchert asked about liability involved in placement of the pier.

WINNEBAGO ACCESS POINTS   No answers from Town of Friendship on ownership of Subway Road, Kinker Road and Cemetery Road accesses.

FISHING FOR FREEDOM  MMS&C to donate $200 for the tournament at Rainbow Park in Oshkosh, May 21, 2016

ATV ACCESS IN COUNTY PARKS No new information about access to Wolf Lake via the County owned parking lot by the swimming beach and boat launch.


LSP FISHING PIERS                        Outdoor Wisconsin will have a program featuring the Alliance building of the fishing platforms.  8 more platforms will be built this summer after Walleye Weekend

MIDWEST OUTDOOR EXPO        The event was held at the McKenzie Center at Poynette.  Over two days 2,300 kids attended.

GREEN BAY WHITEFISH   Bill Steffen read a report about the proposal by commercial fishermen to increase the harvest of Whitefish in Green Bay.  What is of concern is the by catch of walleye that the commercial harvesters want to keep and sell.

ALLIANCE MEMBER UPDATE      It is being requested that all member organizations submit an updated list of officers for their respective organization.

ELDORADO MARSH ATV TR AIL.                        Representative Shaara from Oshkosh has floated the idea of having an ATV built in Eldorado Marsh.  The general opinion of the Alliance Delegates was against the idea.

WWF REPORT         Betty Borchert spoke about Mike Arrowood receiving the Water Conservationist of the Year award from the Federation at their Annual Meeting.  George Borchert talked about CWD concerns and the fact that Environmental Rules Enforcement fines are at a 30 year low under the current Governor and DNR.

NEXT MEETING       Thursday, June 16, 7 PM at the WFT Office, 224 Auburn St.  Hosted by Lighthouse Anglers.

Respectfully submitted

Dave Schumacher, VP





  Minutes of Meeting for April 14, 2016


The April 14, 2005 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.


RUMMAGE SALE Net profit from the 2016 Sale was $3,318.83

LAKESIDE PARK TREES The trees placed on the ice and weighted down are settling under water line and do not need to be further trimmed.

LAKESIDE PARK FISHING PLATFORMS The platforms are being well used.

LAKE WINNEBAGO ACCESS POINTS The Town of Friendship is not fully aware of who owns shat at Subway, Cemetery and Kinker Road lake access points. They will check out ownership and are taking a wait and see attitude at this point.

LAKESIDE PARK WEST FISHING BOAT ACCESS PIER. The City of FDL requested the Alliance attend the April Park Board meeting to present the plan for the annual placement of a fishing pier on the FDL River between the first and second parking lots. More to come.

LAKESIDE PARK FISH GRINDER It is tentatively scheduled for the 2018 budget.

SENIOR PATRONS LICENSE Dale Pierce asked if Gordon Hintz could attend an Alliance meeting for the Alliance to express the view and position of the license.

RIVERSIDE CONTESTED CASE HEARING. The hearing in Madison is scheduled for July 5. The judge will considered whether the lawsuit merits consideration.


COUNTY LAKE WINTER ACCESS POINTS. Neil Seibel explained that individuals are parking in the parking lots and driving snowmobiles and ATVs across lawn areas to the lake. This is illegal. It is also illegal to drive them on the town road from the parking lot to the lake access. The Alliance will pursue an ordinance change to make it legal to cross the lawn area.

CDAC Next meeting April 21. The proposed doe harvest quota will be 2,500 with public land quota of 400. This meeting will set the 2016 FDL Co. quota.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS Mike Arrowood was reelected and Jim Kramer was elected as delegates. Bob Haase, Dave LaPine and Otto Bowe are the other delegates

NEXT MEETING Thursday, May 19, 7 PM at the Fisherman’s Road Fishing Club

Respectfully Submitted Dave Schumacher, Vice President.


   Minutes of Meeting for March 11, 2016


The March 11, 2016 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.

WARDEN REPORT The new FDL Co. warden Nick Miofsky attended his first Alliance meeting. Nick is originally from Missouri and worked as a warden in Connecticut before working as a warden for Wisconsin DNR in Manitowoc Co. He worked there for 1.5 years before transferring to the Campbellsport office. His phone # is 920-579-2751. Welcome Nick.

BIOLOGIST REPORT Rachel Brookins reported ZERO people attended the Winnebago Co. CDAC meeting. Adopt a Wildlife Program has no one signed up yet. Multiple sites are available in FDL Co, large and small. Can sign up on line.

Ellen Barth, the Oshkosh Area Wildlife Supervisor presented her new Go Wild license. Many questions were asked of Go Wild and answered. Deer carcus tags will now be printed on regular paper. They are to be filled out with pen and kept by the person filling them out. Only have to be on the carcus, in a plastic bag by whatever means, when the harvested animal is left unattended. The old customer # will stay the same. Fishing on the Great Lakes requires a hard copy license. A credit card like license can be purchased as an option for $3.50. Driver’s license download of DNR license information can only be done at a DNR Service Center.

Kendall Kamke stated there has been no legislative action on the Senior Patron’s License. As proposed, the new Habitat Stamp would be and additional stamp to raise additional funds for DNR. All other stamps would remain the same and allocation of monies collected would remain the same. What has not be said about the stamp proposal is what needs to be addressed. Nothing has been happening on river spawning so far. Nets were placed in the Terrel Island enclosure to sample fish population. Few fish found. Fox River perch nets have been set to continue the population survey. Fox Locks, the Menasha Lock is closed and options have been discussed to open the lock. A meeting with FRNSA will be held soon. The Winnebago Fisheries Advisory Council met to discuss the newly proposed Winnebago Work Plan.


RUMMAGE SALE Door receipt was $2,604 for 1,302 people attending. The raffle had and income of $810.

LAKESIDE PARK TREES 17 different locations had woody vegetation sunk. Some branches are sticking above water and will be trimed.

RIVERSIDE HUNTING & FISHING CONTESTED CASE HEARING. Two lawyers are representing the club. The hearing will be May 3 in Madison.

LSP – OVEN ISLAND PIER Radtke Construction will construct a 10’ x 130’ pier on the south shore, west of the bridge to Baseball Island.

SUBWAY ROAD ACCESS PROJECT Members of the Alliance attended the March Town of Friendship meeting to outline the proposed project. A 22’ x 65’ concrete approach would be installed adjacent to the Lake on Town Property, at no cost to the Town or Taxpayers. There was much give and take discussion. Safety was a concern of the Board as Subway Road is on a curve on Hy. 45. The Town Board denied the Alliance request to improve the accessibility of the Town Road. There was a motion passed to allow the Alliance to improve accessibility at Kinker and Cemetery Roads however.

LSP FISH GRINDER. It is in the 2018 budget. However, the sewer line to the Hy. 45 main is only 3 inches and there is a question of the line’s ability to carry the ground material that far.


ALLIANCE DUES $25 per member organization is due in April.

LSP WEST BOAT ACCESS PIER The Alliance will have to present the proposal to the FDL City Advisory Park Board at their April meeting. The proposal is to place a pier between the two parking lots. The pier would be anchored to a cement slab for stability and extend around 10 feet out from the river bank, perpendicular from the FDL River bank. The purpose is to allow the person moving the boat trailer to a parking site in the parking lot to enter or exit the boat on the river rather than having to enter and exit the boat at the multi slip launch site. This will lessen the time a boat is actually sitting at the launch site. Thus, reducing congestion at the launch site. More to come.

DONATIONS MMS&C to donate $50 to Forest Sportsman’s Club and Wings Over Wisconsin fundraising events and $50 for the Foot Of The Lake Kids Fishing event.

WETLANDS BILL AB 600 which would have allowed many manipulations of river and stream shorelines passed the Assembly but failed in the Senate version. It will surely will be back in the next session of the Legislature.

WWF ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting will be April 8&9 in Wisconsin Rapids. Mike Arrowood has been selected as the WWF Water Conservationist of the Year and will be so recognized at the meeting.

CDAC The FDL Co. CDAC meeting is April 15. Rachel Brookins encouraged everyone to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to review the 2015 deer harvest data and make a proposal for the 2016 deer harvest. The doe harvest number and level is the process used to control or enlarge the population. FDL Co. is in an Increase Mode for the deer population at the present time. So, that number will be determined at the April meeting.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS SPRING HEARING The Hearing will be Monday April 11, 7PM at Theisen Jr. High School in FDL. There are around 36 Congress proposals to be considered.


NEXT MEETING ****** ONE WEEK EARLY***** Thursday, April 14 at the Forest Sportsman’s Club located 10 mi. east of FDL on Pit Road. Turn North off of Hy. 23 to the clubhouse on right. 7 PM. Meeting moved up to accommodate the next CDAC meeting.


Respectfully submitted, Mike Arrowood, Secretary


  Minutes of Meeting for February 18, 2016


The February 18, 2016 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen at 7 PM.

The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted as read.


RUMMAGE SALE Setup will be 3PM on Friday. MMS&C for the Alliance to provide $100 for a cash raffle prize. Wings Over Wisconsin, Eden Chapter will donate a Weatherby shotgun for the Grand Prize.

SENIOR PATRON LICENSE The DNR Congress Liaison person gave Representative Gordon Hintz from Oshkosh erroneous information about the issue. Rep. Hintz was notified that the resolution had not gone to statewide vote. 2014, Question 47 went statewide with a 4969 yes vote and a 585 no vote. Because DNR is so dysfunctional at the present time Rep. Hintz chose not to take on the issue in this legislative session. We will make him aware of the erroneous information by DNR and try again next year.

LAKESIDE PARK TREES Mike Arrowood met the FDL City Arborist to discuss where trees were needed in the park. They will cut the trees in the next week or so.

CHAPTER ACTIVITY REPORT Delegates were emailed the report format and or mailed one. Soon to happen activities will be included via email with the monthly minutes or mailed once the Alliance organizations start providing information.

LAKESIDE PARK WEST FISH CLEANING STATION The station issue is on hold at the present time. The problem is pumping of the ground fish waste to the nearest sewer main on Scott Street or Hy. 45. It might not be possible to pump it such a long distance.


WILDLIFE STAMP ISSUE There is a legislative proposal to eliminate the individual species stamps (ducks, turkey, trout etc.) and have only one Conservation Stamp. Main issue here is that there has already been raiding of specific stamp funds to fund other species or projects. Stamps like the Trout Stamp are Segregated Funds by statute and cannot be used for any other activity. The proposed plan would eliminate segregation of collected funds and allow a free for all for use of the collected funds. The loudest or most politically connected group would likely obtain disproportionate funding with today’s politics in Madison.

RIVERSIDE CONTESTED CASE HEARING The case has been moved up and there is a Motion to Dismiss. A neighboring landowner has issues with the discharge of firearms and is seeking redress.

LSP OVEN ISLAND BOAT PIER The plan is to build a 10’ x 30’ shoreline pier on the South side of Oven Island west of the bridge between Baseball & Oven Islands. It would facilitate weigh in at Walleye Weekend. Mercury Marine is financing the work by Radtke Construction.

ICE SHANTY FENDERS There was some discussion about the possibility of ice shanties being required by State Patrol to have fenders. Rumors abound about enforcement already taking place.

ICE SHANTY THEFT There was area wide television coverage about a shanty being plowed in on Lake Poygan. The question was raised as to why there is never any coverage about the large number of shanties stolen off the ice each year and never investigated. One stolen shanty had been on the ice less than one day this sturgeon season.

DONATION MMS&C to donate $50.00 to the Winnebagoland Musky Club and $200 to the FDL Chapter of Walleyes For Tomorrow for their upcoming fundraising events.

NEW FDL Co. WARDEN Nick Miofsky is now stationed in Campbellsport.

WISCONSIN WILDLIFE FEDERATION The Annual Meeting is April 2 at the Mead in Wisconsin Rapids. All Affiliate Member organizations are eligible to attend. The Alliance is an Affiliate. Assembly Bill (AB) 876 would eliminate the restriction on use of a Railroad bridge on the Mississippi for access by fishermen to fishing sites.

CDAC (County Deer Advisory Council) Meets March 21 at the FDL Co. Courthouse in the Council Chamber room (1st. floor, south of lobby, on left side). Harvest data from 2015 and 2016 season recommendations will be discussed. April 21 (second meeting) will discuss public comments about the March 21 recommendations. There has been a CDAC Oversight Committee (4 Congress members) formed to ensure county CDAC committees are doing their job. Whatever that is, it changes monthly. A poster has been developed to advertise CDAC & give meeting dates.

CONSERVATION CONGRESS There is a new statewide Upland Game Specialist.

TURKEY There will be 240,768 turkey tags for 2016. Zone 2 is up 3,000 tags, 500 per season. There will be no phone sale of tags in 2016. There is a proposal to let unsuccessful hunters in season 1-4 automatically hunt seasons 5 & 6. CDAC committees in some counties have been allowed to split the counties into multiple Deer Management Units to reflect great differences in habitat or land use.

TROUT There are now public appointees on the DNR Trout Committee. OOPS, all except Bob Haase have been removed for some unknown reason (speaking their minds and expressing their opinions). Statewide 2.6% of trout waters are artificial only. There is a move to eliminate this stream category. The Congress Executive Committee supports the change.

STATE BOATING GAS TAX FUNDING The fuel tax paid by boaters is placed in a Segregated Fund managed by the Wisconsin Waterways Commission (a politically connected appointment) since 1987, Act 27. It is a tax source paid for by boat operators. In 2014 $13,101,300 was collected and $341,400 was spent on Recreational Boating Projects (Informational Paper #61, Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Jan. 2015). The remaining $12.5 million was siphoned off for other various and sundry projects.

SUBWAY ROAD ACCESS The Winnebago access at Subway Road is owned by the Town of Friendship. The platted access is 22 feet wide. This winter, because of encroachment and poor maintenance by the Township the access was virtually impassable. The Alliance will attend a Town Board meeting Wed, March 10 and offer to improve the lake access in the same manner the Lake Street and Co. Line Road accesses were improved ( a 22’ x 60’ concrete approach) at no cost to the Township or any taxpayer.

FOX LOCKS The Manasha Lock was closed last year because Round Gobies were found below the lock on the Fox River. It was closed under Natural Resources Rule 40 which mandates immediate action to prevent invasive species from being introduced into uninvaded waters. It has been brought to the attention of the Alliance that there have been discussions held to facilitate opening and use of the lock for unspecified reasons. The Alliance will be watching how this progresses.

LSP FISH PLATFORM FUNDING Sam Tobias the FDL Co. Planner notified the Alliance that the County will finance the purchase of concrete for the 8 platforms to be built in 2016. The monies will come from the County Conservation Fund monies provided by the DNR and FDL. Co. This funding will be very much appreciated.

NEXT MEETING Thursday March 17, 7 PM at the Van Dyne Sportsman’s Club. ½ mile west of the RR tracks on Co. Line (or Lone Elm) Road in Van Dyne.


NOTES April 11, 7 PM Conservation Congress Spring Hearing at Theisen Junior High on Pioneer Rd. south side of FDL.


Nick Miofsky, the new FDL Co. warden will attend the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted

Mike Arrowood


  Minutes of Meeting for January 21, 2016


The Jan. 21 2016 meeting of the Winnebagoland Conservation Alliance was called to order by President Bill Steffen.

The Treasurer and Secretary’s reports were read and accepted as read.


RUMMAGE SALE MMS&C to only allow vendors to have 3 tables each in order to allow for greater participation. The Raffle will have the same format as previous years.

SENIOR PATRONS LICENSE A letter was received and read from Representative Gordon Hintz from Oshkosh. Unfortunately he was provided with some inaccurate information by the Conservation Congress DNR Liaison person about the history of the resolution and the course it has taken since introduction. He will be contacted after the current legislation session ends

YOUTH HUNTING MENTOR BILL Representative Al Ott pulled the bill from consideration. It would have removed all age restrictions from the youth participant and allowed the mentor to carry a weapon while mentoring.


AUDIT COMMITTEE Bill Schmits, Dave Van Gorder and Pete Halbur will audit the Alliance finances at the Rummage Sale.

LAKESIDE PARK WEST. There will be a fish cleaning station installed and the restrooms will be demolished to construct a new ADA compliant restroom.

ASSEMBLY HEARING The Wisconsin Assembly held a hearing on a bill that would eliminate Individual Permits for environmental construction work in and around lakes, streams or wetlands. The work would only require a General Permit from DNR. The difference is that Individual Permits require a published public notice, a 30 day public reply timeframe and a public hearing if requested by the public. No public comment or review is allowed or necessary for work to be done under a General Permit.

RIVERSIDE HUNTING & FISHING CLUB An adjacent landowner has filed a formal complaint about club shooting activities. This is an ongoing situation. The club has taken steps in the past to appease the landowner to no avail. There is a March 18 court date to address the issue. The Alliance will draft a letter supporting the rights of the Club.

CDAC There will be a statewide CDAC Chair and Co-chair meeting Feb 6 in Stevens Pont to address the CDAC initiative.

DONATION MMS&C to donate $50.00 for the Lakeshore Bowhunters fundraising event.

NEXT MEETIN Thursday, Febuary 18, 7 PM at the Walleye’s office, 224 Auburn St. FDL. It will be sponsored by the Lakeshore Bowhunter’s Archery Club.

Respectfully Submitted, Mike Arrowood Secretary