Conservation Alliance

An Alliance of Hunting, Fishing, and Sportsman's Clubs in Fond du Lac County

Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

Club Name: Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

Club Email Address: [email protected]       or      [email protected]

City: Kimberly          Zip Code: 54136

Contact Person: Korin Doering  

Phone: 920-851-0948

Email: [email protected]


Executive Derector: Jessica Schultz

Phone: 920-858-4246

Email: [email protected]

AIC Coordinator: Chris Acy

Phone: 920-460-3674

Email: [email protected]

Winnebago Waterways Program Coordinator: Korin Doering

Phone: 920-851-0948

Email: [email protected]

Description of Club and Club Activities: We are an independent non-profit organization that identifies issues
and advocates for effective policies and actions that protect restores, and sustain water resources in the 
For-Wolf River Basin. Our Winnebago Waterways Program is forced on the lakes, rivers, and wetlands within
the Winnebago Syetem.